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Breaking Rods Due to Sticky Ferrules

Half the rods that don't end up breaking are left with either bent guides, or scratched ferrules. If you have a 2, 3 or 4 piece rod, you know breaking down/apart stuck rods can be a challenge, especially if they expand from heat/usage. The issue is not strength, its leverage. RodGrips™ provides leverage. Never break a rod from stuck pieces again. Sign up to receive a free sample below.

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On The Perch 2 Best of 4 perch Perch $10 $100 Shark Bait: K and AJ
On The LMB 2
Best of 4 LMB
LMB $10 $100 Geoff Wells
On the SMB 2
Best of 4 SMB
SMB $10 $100 Bob Schuck

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